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21st Century Classics is the Official Shirley Q Liquor Store Since 2003

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Mothers day is May 8th! Order a LIVE phone call from Shirley!

What better gift for Momanems than some Shirley Q Ignunce in the form of Comedy CDs or a live phone call from the one and only Shirley Q Liquor? Also check out our

Flying Hot Dog Ranch download site

and download your favorite Shirley Q tracks!

Cocktail Party CD in Jewel Case Backstage With Shirley Q
Our Price: $19.95
Our Price: $19.95
One of Shirley's most popular CDs with the hilarious Ebonics Airways "Preflight Checklist" and many other fan favorites. Shirley and Watusi love they stories. Shirley gets a hamster up her dress. The "Bulldagga" song is one of Shirley's best selling ringtones. There will always be some church announcements from Mount Holy Olive and of course - a funeral story. Mamaw is still causing problems. And of course, Shirley is still "Smokin." Shirley's husband, Percy Q. went out for cigarettes 29 years ago and never came back! Finally! Shirley's first CD release in five years. The latest edition of Shirley Q's antics comes from the most popular bits featured on the syndicated Michael Berry radio show along with some unpublished favorites. At 47, this release has the largest number of tracks of any CD in the collection.

Totally Ignunt CD in Jewel Case Best Of Shirley Q Liquor Vol 1 in Jewel Case
Our Price: $19.95
Our Price: $19.95
Another popular Shirley Q CD! The "Greyhound" reservation track is a fan favorite along with "The 12 Days Of Kwanzaa." Shirley has a "Raggedy Ride." A spider on the toilet seat gives Shirley the willys! Shirley wonders "If I Was A White Lady" what her life would be like if she were not "Surrounded by Ignunt Asses." You may have difficulty operating a moving vehicle when you listen to this one! Shirley's first CD release. The Best Of Shirley Q Liquor Vol 1 was produced in 1999 and has the most requested bits that were heard on radio stations across the country. Favorites include the "Titanic" songs, "Who Is My Baby Daddy" and one of the hilarious "Astrological Forcast"
Queen Of Dixie in Jewel Case Best Of Shirley Q Liquor Vol II in Jewel Case
Our Price: $19.95
Our Price: $19.95
Orignally released as an exclusive for Queen Of Dixie has become one of the top selling Shirley Q CDs. Many of Shirley's fans consider this CD the second volume of "Best Of Shirley Q Liquor" because it includes more of Shirley's most requested bits. The hilarious "Preflight Checklist" (also known to many fans as "Ebonics Airways") is a favorite among flight attendants and pilots everywhere. Another gut-buster is "Greyhound" when Shirley tries to make reservations for a bus trip for her and her 19 children. In 2005 several SEC college fight songs were added as bonus tracks due to popular demand of Shirley's southern fans. The first Best Of Shirley Q Liquor CD (Volume I) was released in 1999. Fans have been clamoring for a second "Best" CD with more of their favorite comedy bits. Now it is here! The Best Of Shirley Q Liquor Volume II has 40 tracks. It is the longest Shirley Q CD ever - almost an hour and fifteen minutes!

A Live Phone Call

Our Price: $69.95
For the friend that has everything, this is a LIVE personal phone call from Shirley Q Liquor. What a fabulous way to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions. Just order and fill out the form with some details about the person you want Shirley to call. You can even request a specific day and time range!

About Shirley Q Liquor:

What started as funny answering machine messages from Shirley exploded into this famous character known to radio listeners from coast-to-coast. Since the late 90s Shirley has been entertaining radio audiences across the country with her unique perspective on life, religion, popular culture and politics.

She appeared on popular syndicated programs such as the Steve and CD Show, Ken Hamblin's "The Black Avenger" show and many more. Shirley is currently one of the stars of the "Michael Berry Program" with her popular political "commentories" and helpful insight on daily living. She was featured in the June 2007 issue of ROLLING STONE magazine and was recently invited to audition for NBC's America's Got Talent.

This is Shirley's official CD Store. Just scroll down to see her CDs or use the menus on the left.

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